Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rollin' with the Times

Hello Friends,

Apologies for my absence, I was making the 2000 mile trip back home.

Hello Beautiful British Columbia 

This was taken at the Steveston Harbor, my birth place.

Needless to say, the life I knew a week ago changed completely. 

First off,
I teched up

iPhone 4 is rockin' my world, let me tell you.

Shopped for some quality eats at Whole Paycheque
Purchases took up the Whole Kitchen counter :)

Made some quality foodage at home:

Not to mention some amazing sweat sessions, long chats with old friends, fam time... And than there's those mixed feelings, fear and anxiety of being in a new old place.
However I sincerely believe that fear drives us to success.

Now to get down to business

It's time to get serious about this blogging business. Now that I'm home and I'm down with my undergraduate officially, I feel it in my entire being that it is time to take Rabbit Food to the next level. So here's a list of some upcoming changes:

1. Revamp the layout (please lay out any suggestions fellow bloggers)
2. Blogging 5 times a week before 12:00 PM Pacific Time
3. Having themes according to the day of the week for each post (schedule to come!)
4. More pictures, more fitness posts, more inspirational messages and of course, more food
5. Better quality of pictures and more in depth posts (when needed)

I'm super excited about the upcoming changes! Thanks for bearing with me through this learning curve.

Time to move forward, experience the moment and enjoy the ride.

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