Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week in Review

So here's the happenings of fitness for the week:

Hung out with the  Zuzanna with Hot Curves Challenge

Holy Abdominals!

Taught a Cardio Circuit class at the YMCA that went like this

Spin Bike Warm Up
Spin Bike Jumps: Beautiful Day by U2

Walking lunges with bicep curl and military press
Sumo Squat jumps with kettle bell

Spin Bike Sprints: Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Chair Squat Flies
Walk out Pushups
Oblique Twists
Jumping Jacks with Weights
Squat + Diagonal punches with weights
Plank Twists

Spin Bike Hill: Closer by Kings of Leon

Lunge with weighted rows
Plank Jacks
Steam Engines

Kettlebell Series
Shuffle squats
Two Hand Swings
One Hand swings
Lunge weaves
Squat + triceps
Side dips

Double crunches
Heels to the heavens

2 miler run

2 mile Run + Weights


6 mile run


lots and lots of kombucha because my stomach has been in shambles from stress

1 week til I'm back on Canadian grounds permanently!

And How does I feel about this? Lets just say there's a plethora of emotion racing through my veins. I'm very excited to be close to my friends and family at home once again. That being said, I haven't been home in the last 3 years for more than a 3 week stretch. Going to college faraway, sometimes it feel like I like I've lived a double life, with totally different things/peoples in both lives and different emotions and happenings. I was always afraid of the day when I had to choose between my lives, as I've spent most of my time here and built a social network here, but Vancouver is where my roots are and would be a great place to embark on a career path. On the other hand, Vancouver is a place I've come to fear over the years, with past emotions and fears still clear in my memory whenever I go home, but out of sight in North Dakota so easier to distract from. Now it's seemed that rather choosing specifically one over the other, Vancouver has chosen me to come back. So it's time for me to put on my best Big Girl Game Face, and face the fears I've been running from for years and essentially start all over again in the place where it all began. Home.

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